Security and Compliance

IRS Reporting and TIN Validation

OverviewOn January 1, 2011, the IRS enacted section 6050W, an amendment to the Federal Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008. This IRS mandate requires all merchant service providers to validate the legal name and Tax Identification Number (TIN) for every merchant in their portfolio, and report to the IRS all annual revenues associated with these

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PCI Level Requirements

Step 1 Determine Your Level Merchant Level Criteria Onsite Security Assessment Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Network Vulnerability Scan Level 1 At least 6 million transactions annually from any acceptance channel for Visa, MasterCard or Discover Required Annually Not Applicable Required Quarterly Level 2 1 million to 6 million transactions annually from any acceptance channel for

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PCI DSS Compliance

What is PCI DSS? PCI DSS stands for 'Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard'. This is a set of security requirements created by the Payment Card Industry, laying out what Merchants need to do to protect customer information. The PCI Council (which is an industry body made up of organizations like Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

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Security Tips

Keeping your computer and network safe is one of the most important steps in protecting sensitive information. Using the resources provided here can help you keep your system up to date and your digital resources safe.Protecting your computerMicrosoft Online SafetyU.S. Cert: Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing AttacksMS-ISAC Top 10 Tips for Cyber Security Awareness MonthUsing

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Fraud Prevention

Individuals seeking to steal credit/ debit card data are increasingly targeting point-of-sale terminals and computer equipment. They will either replace your existing equipment with an identical looking machine or insert micro readers into your equipment that skims or reproduces cardholder data and even PIN numbers which they will in turn use themselves or sell to

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